About us

What and who is NextGen Group?


Mateusz Buszkiewicz

CEO and Full Stack Developer with nearly ten years of experience documented by the implementation of over two hundred projects. Wroclaw’s WSH University graduate. Privately a house handymman.

Daniel Rusnak

Brand Architect and Marketing Ninja. Effectively organized problem solver. Wroclaw’s WSB University graduate. Privately endurance sports and martial arts enthusiast.

NextGen Group…

… is a company providing outsourcing services in the broadly understood implementation of IT solutions in the public sector and the Small and Medium Enterprises  sector ( SME sector ).

Outsourcing of our Specialists will allow you to effectively use the time of work on the project, while maintaining full control. We make sure that delegated Specialists have the required skills and experience needed for effective project operation.

We believe that the success of ventures often depends on whether they are going beyond the beaten path. We can think outside the box and act on the edge of generally recognized conventions.

Some of Companies that used our outsourcing: